Welcome, thank you for visiting my website. On it you will find a variety of subjects. I've been doing photo work for approximately 48 years (give or take a couple). Although I've done portraits and weddings, my favorite things to photograph are God's creation and live events, either theater, concerts, or sports.

I have used Nikon equipment for the last 45 years and at the present time use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop Cc to edit the digital images. Each image goes through some sort of editing. In some ways digital imaging takes more time than film imaging. However, the benefits are far greater. You don't have to depend on the "lab" to make the decisions for you.

Feel free to browse through any of the galleries.

All print transactions are taken care of through the photo host, Smugmug. The prints are totally guaranteed by them.
All photos are copyrighted and property of Steve Thrasher Photography
Logos (Disney, The Legacy Theatre, etc.) are used by permission of perspective owners

Questions, comments? You can contact me at:
email - stevebthrasher@gmail.com
cell - 770.595.9001
Thank you for looking, ENJOY!
Steve Thrasher
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